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Advocating for Children affected by 


and addition

The Christmas Nisse's on a mission is to spread so much joy and love that every child feel the magic of love and for everyone to get out of childhood feeling they can be loved.


"Drizzle them with love 

and they will grow"

3 simple reminders

Choosing Love

The deleterious impact of direct and indirect parental / close relative mental health and addition abuse on children's development and family functioning is well established.

However there is still not enough focus on this subject. 


Early intervention, education and love is key stones in staying on the right path.

Please ask for help for yourself and the children effected.

It is never to late to choose love.

"Because a little bit of love

and some kindness too

is just what makes

Christmas come true"

                                                            - Rikke Melgaard Liffiton

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