Help the Nisse create Joy by filling hearts with joy.

The Christmas Nisse’s is on a mission to create and collect Christmas Joy to get Santa’s sleight to fly really really fast.

Did you know that creating beautiful moments, big or small can fill a heart with loving memories. A simple act of kindness, a smile or a hug, can change someone’s day.    

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Did you know?

Did you know that the first known pleated heart was made by the famous Danish fairy tale author H.C. Andersen in 1860.Soon after he made the first heart, Danes began to hanging their hearts on the Christmas trees, filling them with treats to spread joy. 


 "I remember how my mom and grandma would put small treats and cookies into the heart on our Christmas tree."

- Rikke M Liffiton, Owner

The Christmas Nisse supports mental health and additional awareness